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The easiest way to join AI revolution.

Simplify your tech stack with our streamlined apps and experience hassle-free resource management!

Why us?


There's nothing more frustrating than having to wade through complex documentation just to solve a familiar problem. Spin up your infrastructure in a minute!

That's why we've developed a platform that is built on industry-standard technology.


Grab ready-to-use notebooks for a fast paced start with well-known solutions.

Check out our Documentation section to get to know with our platform.


Get your compute power in your favorite IDE.

Use Jupyter Lab WebUI or connect to remote server via Visual Studio Code or ...

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Build full AI pipelines seamlessly

data preparation

Data collection and preparation

AI model learning

Model development and training

Model deployment

Model deployment and inference

cgc data collection and preparation tools

CuDF vs Pandas performance on 300 000 000 row x 2 col dataframe

cudf performace vs pandas

*Benchmark from performed on AMD EPYC 7642 (using 1x 2.3GHz CPU core) w/ 512GB and NVIDIA A100 80GB (1x GPU) w/ pandas v1.5 and cuDF v23.02

Data collection and preparation

Data collection and preparation in an AI pipeline involves gathering relevant data from various sources, cleaning and preprocessing it to ensure consistency and quality.

Check out our toolbox of well-known tools.

Fast data loading and aggregations

Unleash the power of GPUs in data cleaning tasks thanks to RAPIDS CuDF.

Format of your choice

Store data in any format that suits your needs. From relational to flat files.

Custom DB connectors

To make your work easier, we have prepared several custom functions to make working with databases more enjoyable.

Check in docs!

Get the right tool for a job

GPU Nvidia H100

Speed up your NLP team with the most powerful GPU on the market.

- 4 times faster training then NVIDIA A100 saves your LLMs team the time they need.
- 80 GB of memory for the most demanding tasks.
- Created specifically for natural language processing.

Data sheet

GPU Nvidia A100

Spin up and try out previous generation flagship cards. Ready-to-go in our cloud it will provide you everything you need for your next AI/ML project.

- Up to 7 partitions for your research team.
- 80 GB of memory for the biggest models out there.
- NLP, Computer Vision, Audio and more.

Data sheet

GPU Nvidia A5000

Best for smaller tasks but still geting things done. Check out cost effective option.

- Full support of all NVIDIA technologies and SDKs.
- 24 GB of memory
- Processing up to 4 realtime streams of 720p video.

Data sheet

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Check out our further reading materials and see how easy creating new solutions can be!

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